About Us

Rabid Models was started in 2006. At that time Marc and Steve were enjoying flying profile foamies at the indoor flying scene and started designing their own models of famous twin-engine warbirds using BlueCore fan-fold foam. We quickly filled our houses with foam and our friends said we were crazy, Foaming at the Mouth, so…. the rest is history!

Our kits are scale models of unique warbirds, twin-engine types for the most part. Over these years profile model kits have lost popularity, but our models are still available because they (1) fly really well, (2) they are unique, and (3) they are simple and relatively inexpensive. Most of our kits are laser-cut. Kits require assembly and painting.

These planes all feature an undercambered wing design. Through a simple bending process an airfoil is formed – and airfoils perform much better than flat wings!

Our models are all designed with a lightweight “pull-pull” control system. Its not too hard to install and you don’t need pushrods and clevises. CLICK HERE for a short demo video showing how we do it. Our kits are constructed using 5mm “BlueCore” foam – fan-fold insulation with a plastic film on both sides. Bluecore has pinholes and some waviness which is the nature of the product, but its not noticeable from 2 feet away.

One of the unique things about RabidModels kits is that they come with an extremely detailed manual (written by someone who speaks English) that illustrates each step with large pictures! The manuals were originally supplied on a CD with the kits, but are now available in the “Cloud” for download by our customers. The idea is that you can use a laptop or pad to display the manual while building the kit. This way we can efficiently provide all sorts of other stuff as well, such as files for printing paper decals, additional instructions, notes, pictures, videos, and so on.

Our kits aren’t difficult to construct! But the manuals are REEEEEEAAALLY LOOOOONG. Have you ever purchased a kit that had a one-page instruction sheet written in “Chinglish” with 1-inch blurry pictures? Yeah, we’re basically the opposite of that. The foam costs $2.00. Our manuals are worth about $1000 in terms of the time it took to make them!

You’ll notice most of our planes are “twins” and that they are offered in a several types. (1) the smaller size models all have the same 28″ wingspan and were originally designed to use the inexpensive brushed “IPS” motor with 3″ or 4″ props. Many of these are also available in the larger size. (2) The larger models all use the 3-bladed 9×7 propeller and the famous “Blue Wonder” 1300kV brushless motor – these models are scaled to this prop. (3) We have some other planes that are designed specifically for a 10-gm brushless motor and scaled to 5″ 3-bladed props, such as the C47 and the 4-engine bombers. AND – we have a few planes that don’t fit anywhere else (jets and others)!

You won’t find many “normal” planes in our catalog. And with very few exceptions, our planes are designed to fly in a scale-like manner – meaning they are not really fast and fly best in calm conditions. They are all as close to scale as we can make them. They look great in the air.

We do a good business with adhesive products. Not all the available adhesives are shown on this web site – we have hundreds of different glue products for sale on EBAY – CLICK HERE TO VISIT the Rabid Models store! We also sell many accessories for our kits such as the motors, props, and so on (but not radio equipment or batteries). We have a pretty large variety of carbon fiber rods and tubes but its very difficult to ship them (we sell a lot of CF at local shows).

We are located in NE Ohio USA in the Cleveland-Akron area. All of our kits are designed and manufactured by us, packaged by us, and shipped by us. Virtually all the adhesive products are made in the USA as well. We do not have a “brick and mortar” shop, we are a 100% on-line business. We accept bribes and tips. Marc has had a flu shot.

Please see our “DISCLAIMER” page.

“There is a fine line between having a hobby and a mental illness.”

Our products do not have any mind-control microchips inside them, but many of our customers are crazy about them! Foamin” at the Mouth!