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Marc and Steve (& Angel!) are fanatical attendees of airshows, particularly any show that may have some WWII action.

Its not uncommon to see Steve snapping away with his camera pointed at a P38 on the apron, while behind him in show center an F16 or F18 is wowing the crowd. It really is an illness....

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2012 Reno Air Races (Steve's Pix)

2012 Reno Air Races (Marc's Pix)

Thunder Over Michigan 2012

Thunder Over Michigan, 2011

Gathering of Eagles 2011

Balloon Glow 2011

Cleveland Airshow, 2010

Thunder Over Michigan, 2010

Cleveland Airshow, 2009

Thunder Over Michigan, 2009

Geneseo Airshow, 2009

Cleveland Airshow, 2007

Gathering of Mustangs, 2007

Geneseo Airshow, 2007

Ravenna Balloon Affair, 2006

Reno Air Races, 2006

Geneseo Airshow, 2006

Thunder Over Michigan, 2006