Full Fuselage Models

Our latest development is a line of large, full fuselage foam models. These will include the B17 Flying Fortress, the B29 Super Fortress, and an Avro Lancaster. We hope to develop a B24 Liberator, and we've built a B36 but that plane isn't planned for production.

The B17 was first and has proven to be a truly remarkable model. These aircraft will stun you and your friends with their scale like performance. They are designed and built with an ultra low wingloading, an undercambered wing, and sport features such as chin and ball turrets that make them look real as they literally float along. There are multiple videos posted on YouTube.

We are currently not accepting orders for these models

8ft B29 SuperFortress

Maiden Flight Video

Thee first B29 Superfortress was built for a customer in Toledo. Here's the story:

Update - April 20th, 2011 We somewhat successfully maidened the model last night - click the video link on the left. It has plenty of power, and handles very smoothly. The flight attitude looks right, and the extra spar in the wing means that it has that large, flat-winged look of a B29. What is remarkalble is that it was flying on a 3 cell 2200 pack...

The indoor flying field had large number of obstacles in the middle of it, which meant that the landing approach was tight. Although Steve had successfully managed to grease the B17 in on that spot earlier in the evening, the B29 slowed down much more than anticipated, and almost stall on the turn onto final. In the heat of the moment the option to go around was not considered...why do we still make mistakes like that? The only damage is a broken nose wheel, the rest of the model is just fine.

All in all a successful first flight, showing that it handles fine, flies well, and looks the part in the sky.

Update - April 19th, 2011

We are ready to maiden this model. The wiring has been done, everything is assembled. The maiden flight/test runs will be carried out at the Gareat Sports Complex on Tuesday April 19th starting at around 8:00pm. Spectators are welcome, there is no admisson cost if you want to come and watch.

The balance point of the airframe without battery is in between the front and back spars, close to the center of the wing. This means that we should be able to balance and fly this model on a relatively small battery - something like a 2200mAh 3 cell pack; consequently, it will have a very low wing loading. Contrast - our B17 is flying on a 3 cell 8000mAh pack, simply because it needs the weight up front to balance it.

We're trying to find a source of 4 bladed 9 or 10 inch props that are lightweight, since most B29 variants used a four bladed prop, although there are a few pictures around of B29's with 3 bladed props. If anyone has any suggestions please let us know!

The model has twin bomb-bays but does not yet have bomb doors or flaps, once the design is proven to fly we will add these.

Update - April 14th, 2011

We have designed and built wheel assemblies (with spring suspension!) for the main gear. The nose wheel main axle has been glued in place, but we still need to finish the nose wheel support. In the photos they are just being held in place by the weight of the aircraft, the positions and height are approximate.

We have skinned the rear three sections of the fuselage. This required that all the rigging for the tail control surfaces be in place, so the spider wire has been run, and the servos for the elevator and rudder have been installed. The tailfeathers are not glued in place yet, this will need to wait until the entire fuselage is sheeted.

The forward part of the fuselage is not yet glued onto the main fuselage part.

8ft B17 "Flying Fortress"

Click for Fullsize

This full fuselage model weighs in at an unbelievable AUW of less than 5 lbs! The prototype shown here has flown on a 2200mah 2-cell pack, although it needed extra nose weight to balance it. It currently flies on a 3 cell 8000 mAh Lipo which gives a duration of over an hour!

The model is easy to assemble and disassemble. The wings separate at the fuselage, resulting in three manageable pieces to transport - left wing, right wing, and fuselage. This model fits comfortably in Steve's VW Station Wagon. Two carbon fiber rods are used as spars to join the wings to the fuselage.

As shown and flown, the model requires a four channel radio (throttle, aileron, rudder, elevator). We are currently designing out a working bomb-bay. The prototype wasn't designed for it, but the newer planes have it in the scale location.

You have a choice of an olive drab paint scheme as shown in the photos, or a ready-to-paint version in classic pink and blue foam.

We are also more than happy to accomodate requests for models of actual aircraft; we frequently hear "My Dad/Uncle/Grandfather flew these in the war, and I'd love to have a model of the one he flew". Please note, however, that the current construction techniques do not lend themselves well to a high-polish aluminum type finish. (That requires at least 6 coats of clear polyurethane.)

Click the image below for a video of this model

The painted version runs $ 995.00 plus shipping, and the unpainted version is $ 795.00. You will need to supply a battery (2 cell 2200mAh minimum, 3 cell 4000mAh or bigger recommended),and a receiver.