About RabidModels

Rabid Models (Foaming at the Mouth) is a joint on-line business venture between Marc Stermer and Steve Lawrie. We are both Foamie freaks who love the electric revolution that has taken place in the hobby. Marc crashes his planes and frightens small children around the Burton, Ohio area, while Steve (the guy with the funny accent) hails from Akron Ohio. Both of us have "real" jobs.

In particular, we have been drawn by the opportunities afforded by inexpensive foam airframes. Steve made the Mossie first, a terrific model. As we designed and built more and more planes, our friends encouraged us to start selling them as kits, and so that's exactly what we did. It was all downhill from there!

All the models you see here were designed and flown by us - we fly them all the time! We are warbird fans (we love warbird airshows - check out our airshow galleries), and so we have created a fleet of mostly twin-engined WWII fighters and bombers. The smaller models are based around the GWS-50XC direct drive motors, and the larger planes are using either twin GWS drives, or brushless motors. The planes have scale outlines, and are instantly recognisable as models of real aircraft. For more information about each model, click HERE.

It seems like everyone has foamies. Why should you be interested in ours? Well, we've designed our models with airfoils - it takes a little effort and craftsmanship to build a kits. We're not selling "ARF"s. But the airfoils mean that our planes really fly well, and of course they look great. Our models are also relatively lightweight - and the lighter a model is, the less power it needs - and that means smaller motors, smaller batteries, and lower expense. But what is it about these planes? First of all we've always admired the full-size WWII fighters and bombers that we're modeling. These airplanes were tools of war (and war is a terrible thing), but the Second World War was a conflict that defined a generation and gave us the legacy that fighting for freedom from tyanny can be worth the high cost. We have nothing but admiration for the brave airmen who flew and maintained these machines (on both sides).

There were incredible technological advancements on both sides during WWII. This was the pinnacle of piston-engine fighters. Keep in mind that airplanes were only invented 40 years earlier. At the beginning of the war, fabric-covered biplanes flying at about 100mph were on the front lines. Only a few years later, propeller-powered airplanes were capable of flying up to the edge of the speed of sound. They were at their zenith at 1946 - the absolute peak of performance for piston engines - and jets were arriving on the scene. Our models pay homage to these fantastic aircraft and their pilots. But that's not all. Rabid Models wants to be different - so you won't find the usual planes in our lineup. Instead, you'll notice that our models are of interesting, exciting, and unique aircraft. They are true to scale and so when you fly them, you will see exactly the same thing as if the full-size aircraft was flying by. We love them! Call us crazy - that only encourages us!

You can catch us flying at local electric flying meets, such as the JR Indoor festival in Columbus Ohio, and we have also gone to the EFEST in Illinois, the NEAT fair in NY state, the Keystone Indoor Electric Fly (KIEF) in PA. CLICK HERE for an in-depth article covering the 2008 KIEF and lots of pictures of our models on page 4 (and everyone else's too). The newest event is the Holiday Electric Fly (HEF) in Geneva Ohio, first week in December.

We also usually have a booth on the main floor each year at the fantastic Weak Signals Toledo RC Expo show. We most frequently fly our planes indoors at the SPIRE Sports Complex in Geneva OH. And - we also fly outside at the top-secret RabidModels Flight Test Facility Area #52 located at Bill Tacic's farm in Ohio, where you can find the newest experimental flying creations being drilled into the ground at high speed (actually that only happened once!).

In 2006 Marc and Steve entered in the first-ever Cox Micro-Warbird Races held at the JR Festival in Columbus Ohio. Marc managed to place 2nd and Steve came in 5th. We tried again in 2007 but didn't make it. In 2010 Marc came in 3rd at the Pylon races at the JR Festival. Marc won "best multi engine" at the 2009 and 2010 JR (small B17 and B36), and Steve won "best multi engine" 2011 with his 8-foot B17. If you check YouTube you can find many videos of our planes, including the big ones flying inside.

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