Models On the Drawing Board!

42" Avro Lancaster

The CAD files for this kit have been developed, and the manual is in the process of being written. The model has been successfully test flown.

38" PBY5A Catalina

The smaller version of our Catalina flies really well. The CAD Files and the construction manual are finished. Hand-made kits are available on request and we'll have this model available as a laser-cut kit by mid 2011.

28" Gloster Meteor MK III

The CAD files for this model have been completed and a manual is being written. The model flies extremely well with our brushed IPS motors, but it's a jet so we tried brushless. It flies very fast and is a blast to fly.

28" Arado 238 "Blitz"

This model has been test flown. It performs well at speed, but there are some low-speed handling issues that we are trying to work out.

44" C47 Skytrain

This model was been around since 2007 - we finalized the design in 2010 and the kinks are ironed out. We are in the process of creating CAD files. This model was designed for 10gm brushless motors and 5" 3-bladed props.

38" ME262 "Swallow"

Prototype #1 had problems with severe wing flutter at high speeds. We fixed that with #2. Our fastest model, this is a lean, mean, machine that looks sleek and powerful in the air.

39" XP56 "Black Bullet"

This model gave us endless headaches, due to a tendency to fly backwards while going forward! It was almost uncontrollable due to severe adverse yaw. The problems have been completely overcome, though, with an addition of a nose cone and the model now flies extremely well. We are looking at getting CAD files done along with a vacuum-formed nose cone for the kit.

50" J1N1 Gekko "Irvine"

The Rabid Models profile scale version of the unusual J1N1 "Gekko" Japanese Nightfighter is a relatively large 50" model, perfect for relaxed park flying. The model will be available in mid-2011 as a hand-cut kit.