28" B26 Marauder

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28 inch B26 Marauder (Kit Only)

$ 27.50

28 inch B26 Marauder kit w/ twin GWS Brushed Combo

$ 60.00

28 inch B26 Marauder kit w/ twin 9g Brushless Combo

$ 115.00

The kit includes everything you need to build the airframe. Detailed instructions are provided on a CD included with the kit. To complete the model as shown, you will need

a receiver
two 4g micro-servos
motors and appropriate speed controller(s)
paint, glue etc.
Jello cups to make cowls (optional)

We offer two motor combos for this kit. The brushed motor combo include two motors, 4 props, and the ESC. The brushless combo package includes two brushless motors, two ESCs, 2 5x4.3 props, 2 mounts and propsavers. The model flies very well on inexpensive brushed motors and a single 5amp ESC, but you can use 10gm brushless motors and 5-inch props for a jump in performance.

Historical Information

The B26 Marauder was a high speed medium bomber built by the Martin Company, which carried a crew of 5 (later variants carried a crew of 7). The plane was initially not well liked by pilots as it was prone to tipstalls at low speeds, gaining it the unfortunate nicknames "Widow Maker", "Flying Coffin", and "Flying Prostitute" (since it had no visible means of support). However, after some modifications (and additional training) it became well-liked by its crews and was a highly successful warbird in the role of close tactical ground support. Over 5,000 Marauders were built and it had the lowest combat attrition rate of any American aircraft in the 9th Air Force.

Although various examples of the Marauder remained after the war (they were popular as fast executive transports), there are only a few of these in existence now and only one flying. You can see it at Kermit Week's Fantasy of Flight Museum in Florida