44 Inch B-29 Superfortress

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B-29 Superfortress - (Kit only)

$ 37.50

Motor Combo Package for B-29

$ 190.00

B-29 Superfortress Kit with Motor Combo Package

$ 220.00

The Rabid Models B-29 was designed for 10-gram brushless motors with 5" props, which are included in our motor combo package. The Motor Package is a $207 value and includes four 10gm brushless motors, four speed controls, and four motor mounts, prop adapters, and 3-bladed propellers.

This scale model has a full-thickness scale airfoil, and utilizes our usual profile contruction for the fuselage, tail, and nacelles. Installation of flaps and landing gear is optional (not included). The hand-cut kit is available by special order (allow up to one week for us to prepare it for shipment.)

Historical Information

The B-29 Superfortress is probably most famous for being the aircraft that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan, which brought the end of WWII in August of 1945. The USA developed this new bomber in a top secret project that was far more expensive than the development of the atomic bomb, which it was designed to carry. It's development was long and troubled, mainly due to the new R3350 double-wasp engines. (Interestingly, we had similar problems developing the model, although it wasn't nearly as expensive!!)

The B-29 featured a large number of new features and untested ideas, including a large airframe and new high-lift airfoil, the gigantic 2200hp R-3350 engines and 16-foot diameter propellers, a pressurized crew cabin, an electonically controlled fire-control system, and remote-controlled gun turrets that could be "ganged together". It was designed to operate at high altitude beyond the reach of many fighters, but at the end of the war it was most effective in low-level incendiary attacks ordered by General Curtis LeMay. After the War. the famous bomber flew well into the 1950's as the first aerial refueling tanker. Today, there is only one example of the B-29 that is still flying - the famous "Fifi" is well known at US warbird airshows. There are a few other examples being restored to flying condition, and of course there are examples in museums, including the two planes that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan - Enola Gay is at the National Air & Space museum in Washington DC, and Bock's Car at the USAF museum in Dayton Ohio.