28" DH98 Mosquito

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28 inch DH98 Mosquito kit

$ 27.50

28 inch DH98 Mosquito w/ twin GWS Brushed Combo

$ 60.00

28 inch DH98 Mosquito w/ twin 9g Brushless Combo

$ 110.00

This model is also available in a larger 40" version.

The kit includes everything you need to build the airframe. Detailed instructions are provided on a pamphlet included with the kit. To complete the model as shown, you will need

a receiver
two 5g micro-servos
two IPS motors and appropriate speed controller(s)
paint, glue etc.

This model can also be powered with two of the Cox Warbird motors with the Spitfire spinners.

Historical Information

The DeHavilland DH98 "Mosquito" was a project of the DeHavilland aircraft company, rather than an aircraft built to a military specification. Known as the "Wooden Wonder", the plane was built from balsa and plywood, a design concept that was completely revolutionary at a time when more and more aircraft were being built from stressed-skin aluminum. Equipped with two Merlin engines, it held the world speed record for 3 years; often flown unarmed, it was capable of out-running anything the Luftwaffe could put in the sky for much of the war.

A restoration project to return a Mosquito to flying condition is underway at Avspecs in New Zealand. This is an incredible project; they have essentially built a new aircraft from the ground up.