40" DH98 Mosquito

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40 inch DH98 Mosquito kit

$ 37.50

40 inch DH98 Mosquito kit w/ twin 24g Brushless Combo

$ 130.00

This model is also available in a smaller 28" version.

The kit includes everything you need to build the airframe. Detailed instructions are provided on a CD included with the kit. To complete the model as you see in the picture, you will need:

A receiver
Two 9g micro-servos
Two brushless motors and two appropriate speed controllers
Two 9x7 GWS 3-bladed propellers
Two 2" Mosquito spinners (Optional) - see below
paint, foam-safe glue etc.

The motors and ESCs that we recommend come with the Brushless Motor Combo that we offer ($98.00 retail value).

You can see that our prototype has a set of lightweight 2” diameter spinners - it just doesn't look like a Mozzie without them. We obtained them from Dare Hobby (www.darehobby.com). Dare Hobby offers a full-body Mosquito kit which happens to have the same wingspan (40”) as the RabidModels profile kit. They offer replacement vacuum-formed parts for their model, available separately – the 2" spinners and backplates, a fuselage nose cone, exhaust stack covers, and a cockpit. You won’t need the cockpit for this model (obviously) but the other parts will really help make your RabidModels kit look great. These parts are not shown on the Dare Hobby web site, but you can get them by contacting the Dare Hobby customer service department. Dare Hobby has a $6 minimum shipping fee as of May 2008.

Historical Information

The DeHavilland DH98 "Mosquito" was a project of the DeHavilland aircraft company, rather than an aircraft built to a military specification. Known as the "Wooden Wonder", the plane was built from balsa and plywood, a design concept that was completely revolutionary at a time when more and more aircraft were being built from stressed-skin aluminum. Equipped with two Merlin engines, it held the world speed record for 3 years; often flown unarmed, as it was capable of out-running anything the Luftwaffe could put in the sky for much of the war. There were more than 30 variants developed to take advantage of the Mosquito's versatility - such as reconnaissance, light bomber, fighter, topedo-bomber, mine-layer, tank-buster, night fighter. The HE-219 Uhu nightfighter (also available from RabidModels) was the only German plane that could catch it. The Mosquito stayed in service with the RAF until the early 1960's.