40" F7F Tigercat

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40 inch F7F Tigercat kit

$ 37.50

40 inch F7F Tigercat kit w/ twin 24g Brushless Combo

$ 130.00

This model is also available in a smaller 28" version.

The Brushless Motor Combo is a $100.00 value if the items are purchased separately.

The kit includes everything you need to build the airframe, including carbon-fiber reinforcements. Detailed instructions and markings are provided on a CD included with the kit. To complete the model as shown, you will need:

  • a receiver and two 9g micro-servos
  • two 24gm brushless motors and ESCs (included in our motor combo pkg)
  • two 9x7 GWS 3-bladed props
  • (included in our motor combo package)
  • hobby tools such as foam-safe paint, glue etc.
  • two 24-oz plastic sour cream cups to make cowls (optional)
Flaps and rudder may be added, but are not necessary (additional servos required for that).

The model can be powered with two geared EPS-300C motors and a 2-cell battery pack, but we recommend the 24gm brushless combo package offered above ($100.00 retail value) for excellent performance. You can use either a 2 or 3 cell Lipo battery with the brushless motors. The brushless motors and 3-cell battery provide unlimited vertical performance.

The Tigercat had a very a skinny fuselage and so the profile model looks quite realistic while flying. The model has excellent performance and flies very smoothly like a pattern plane.

Historical Information

The F7F Tigercat arrived right at the end of WWII, too late to see action against Japan - but flew some sorties a few years later during the Korean War. Relatively few of these incredible airplanes were built, and the few that survive today are around only because they were used as firebombers in California after the war. Although the Grumman Tigercat and Bearcat were rendered obsolete by the arrival of the jet age, they represented the peak of piston engine performance.

In our airshow gallery we have pictures of “Big Bossman” (an immaculate F7F-4) roaring around the course at the Reno National air races. If you ever have had the chance to see this aircraft in person you will never forget it. Check out this fantastic video on YouTube featuring the F7F-4 Big Bossman at the Reno Races along with some totally boring P51 Mustangs hurtling down the back stretch - at one point the Tigercat looks ready to EAT the smaller P51. The Tigercat's unique sound is completely awesome - truly a breed apart. Turn up the volume and feel the hair go up on the back of your neck!

And here is another YouTube video of the same aircraft hamming it up for the audience at it's home field in Chino California with some great passes.The sound is great too! The head-on shot at the end of this F7F-4 Tigercat video at about 1:30 shows that the full-size Tigercat is actually a profile model!!