38" ME262 "Swallow"

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The kit includes everything you need to build the airframe including carbon-fiber reinforcement. Detailed instructions are provided on a CD included with the kit. To complete the model as shown, you will also need:

a receiver
two 9g micro-servos (ball-bearing type recommended)
Twin high-speed brushless motors, props, and appropriate speed controllers (available with our motor combo)
paint, glue etc.

Our ME262 is a further development of our Combat Komet model - we figured if we were going to do a jet, we should make it for high speed! The model uses two of our high-speed 24gm motors with APC 6" pusher props. The prototype (first picture) was built with regular wings and although it flew really well, ultimately it was not successful due to severe wing flutter encountered at high speed. Prototype #2 (second and third pictures) has a redesigned wing using the same folded-over carbon-fiber reinforced design from our high-speed Komet, and a doubled fuselage. It is very fast and powerful, and flies extremely well. No more wing flutter, but the tail still has a minor issue during maximum-speeed vertical dives. It flies at the limits of foam! Even so, its an awesome model and the only thing even close to it is our Combat Komet.

Historical Information

The Shark-like Me-262 was the world's first jet fighter and was 100mph faster than anything else in the air in World War II. It was heavily armed with four 30mm cannons and highly effective as a fighter, but by the time it was in operation Germany's infrastructure was being bombed out of existence. A shortage of fuel and qualified pilots, and Hitler's insistence that it be converted and used as a bomber, prevented the ME-262 from reaching its potential. It was powered by two extremely unreliable jet turbines (the internal parts had a tendency to melt after a few hours of operation) but it proved itself in combat.