28" P61 Black Widow

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28 inch P61 Black Widow (Kit Only)

$ 27.50

28 inch P61 Black Widow kit w/ twin GWS Brushed Combo

$ 60.00

28 inch P61 Black Widow kit w/ twin 9g Brushless Combo

$ 115.00

The kit includes everything you need to build the airframe. Detailed instructions are provided on a CD included with the kit. To get the model airworthy, you will need

- a receiver
- two 5g micro-servos
- motors and appropriate speed controller(s)
- paint, foam-safe glue etc.
- Jell-o cups to make cowls (optional)

We offer two motor combos for the model.

Historical Information

The P61 "Black Widow" was a night fighter that entered WWII in June 1944. The aircraft was designed around an RAF specification that was issued in 1940 for a night fighter with a duration of 8 hours.

The first prototype flew in May 1942. In March 1944 the RAF was given an aircraft for testing, but was not impressed with the aircraft's performance and cancelled the original order for 410 aircraft. The main reason for the less-than-enthusiastic reception from the RAF was that the DH.98 Mosquito was already in full production, and had proved itself as an unmatched aircraft in many roles, including as a night fighter.

The P-61 aircraft had fairly advanced aerodynamics, including use of spoilers for lateral control instead of ailerons. It was large, heavily armed, and highly effective in its role. Like a spider, it would patiently wait for a victim and then pounce.

Today, only four intact P61 airframes remain, none in flying condition. However, one of these aircraft is currently under extensive restoration to airworthiness at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading PA..