68" PBY-5A Catalina

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68 inch PBY Catalina (kit only)

$ 45.00

68 inch PBY Plastic Hull and Tip-floats Only

$ 25.00

68 inch PBY Catalina kit with Hull and tip floats

$ 65.00

68 inch PBY Catalina kit w/ twin Brushed Combo

$ 105.00

68 inch PBY Catalina kit w/ twin 24g Brushless Combo

$ 135.00

68 inch PBY Catalina kit w/ Hull & floats and twin Brushed Combo

$ 125.00

68 inch PBY Catalina kit w/ Hull & floats and twin 24g Brushless Combo

$ 155.00

The kit includes virtually everything you need to build the airframe, including carbon-fiber reinforcement.

The basic kit does not include the hull and tip-floats. To convert the model into a seaplane, a plastic hull and tip-float kit package is available separately. It is very easy to add the hull kit to an already-built model.

The large wing can be detached from the fuselage for more convenient storage and transport. Detailed assembly instructions are provided on a CD included with the kit. To complete the model as shown, you will also need:

An RC system and two 9g micro-servos (3 servos if you want to add an optional rudder)
A 2-cell 2100mah 15C LiPo battery
Two electric motors (EPS-300C brushed, or two 24gm brushless) and speed controller(s) – please see our motor combos available
Two GWS 9x7 3-bladed props – included with our motor combos
Two 1-inch long 6-32 machine screws and two T-nuts
Eight very small wood screws or sheet metal screws
One 36”stick of 3/8” x 1/8” hard balsa wood, to make struts
2” wide fiber-reinforced strapping tape
Typical hobby tools such as knives, foam-safe paint, glue etc.
two 16-oz sour cream containers to make the plastic cowls (optional)

Historical Information

The Consolidated PBY5 "Catalina" was introduced in U.S. Naval service in 1936, and saw service during WWII and with various international military forces into the 1970's. The Catalina is without a doubt one of the most rugged and versatile military aircraft in U.S. history. It had a range of 2,545 miles, and a maximum take-off weight of 35,420 lbs.