32″ “Combat” Komet kit


This is a high-power version of our regular 32″ Komet, intended for advanced pilots and builders.  Its the exact same size but more expensive than the “regular” version, because it has added parts – including a double-fuselage and a plywood landing skid. The wing is a folded-over design with two carbon-fiber spars (included with the kit). We recommend additional nose reinforcement. This model will fly at around 70 mph – and even faster with the upgraded motor.

The kit includes the foam parts needed to build this model, along with a fully detailed construction manual and some accessories.  The builder needs to supply micro-pushrods.  Rudder is optional.  The model is not assembled or painted, so the customer needs to supply glue, paint, and other hobby tools, servos, motors, and electronics in order to put it together. This model is designed for a single 1250 kV “Blue Wonder” brushless motor and 2-bladed 8×6 propeller, or a 1700kV “Blue monster” 24gm brushless motor and 2-bladed 6″ APC propeller (not included with the kit but available separately) for top performance.

Here is a video of the prototype flying indoors at low power. It is very stable and easy to fly, but its like a shark in a goldfish bowl.

Here is another video flying indoors at the 2008 KIEF.

Marc designed this version after becoming weary of mid-air collisions during indoor flying. The prototype has destroyed 6 other planes and counting (but not on purpose!), and now everyone tends to stop flying when its in the air. This pic was taken in 2009 after I accidentally destroyed my friend Paul Worley’s Laser in a midair collision.

Note: the tailwheel that was installed on the prototype is not included with the kit.


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