48″ He219 UHU Kit


Many people have never seen or heard about this airplane – it was a German nightfighter and was one of the deadliest and fastest planes of its time.  Heavily armed with four 30mm cannon in the belly and two 20mm cannon in the wing, it also was equipped with two more 30mm cannon firing upwards.  It had a maximum speed of 420 mph, an advanced targeting radar system, and was the first airplane with ejection seats. Only around 300 were built  – mainly due to the Allies’ bombing campaign which caused a lack of engines.  There is one immaculate example on display at the Smithsonian museum.

The kit includes the foam parts needed to build this model, along with a fully detailed construction manual and some accessories such as carbon fiber and the pull-pull control system.  The model is not assembled or painted, so the customer needs to supply glue, paint, and other hobby tools, servos, motors, and electronics in order to put it together. This model is designed for two 1300kv/1oz size brushless motors and 3-bladed 9×7 propellers (not included but available separately).

The V2 manual (which is the current version) includes files for making detailed paper cockpit decals in several versions.

Here’s a video of me flying the model outside at the NEAT fair several years ago, this was in windy condition and isn’t the greatest quality but will give you an idea of how it flies.

And here is another video, flying indoors at the 2008 KIEF.  This was a very small flying space and I had to fly slowly, but you can see how nice it looks in the air.

The model uses cowls that are made from plain 1-liter soda-pop bottles which can be found at Wall-Mart and other stores  (not included with the kit). Spinners are not included with this kit (but Rabid Models offers custom 3-D printed spinners which are available separately)

This model is available in two sizes, shown here:

The photo below shows the model in flight – amazing what some “shading” with an airbrush can do!


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