F-104 EDF Kit


This is a big departure from our other models – an Electric Ducted Fan or EDF profile model jet.  Its about 48 inches long and has a 24-inch wingspan. Designed for a 55mm EDF and a 3-cell 1500mah battery.  Rabid Models does not sell the EDF unit. Please take note regarding this model, its fairly complicated and not designed for beginners:

  • – It has an extremely extensive 100+ page manual, which is that long because its a “Build log” which is a humorous journey by our first customer in Belgium.
  • – It has a full flying stab (like the real plane). Flaps are optional. The Belgian air force “Tiger Meet” prototype was built with drooping ailerons.
  • – It has some flight characteristics similar to the full-size plane, including a “deep stall” and a super-fast roll rate.  It flies very well once properly set up! It must be kept light.
  • -The wing-tips tanks are scratch built from parts supplied with the kit. They are optional but help with stability so they are recommended.
  • – The model is of the two-seat  F104G but it can be converted into the single seat model, and cockpit decal files are provided for both types.
  • -This is a hand-cut kit, not laser-cut.  Availability may be limited, its made to order.

We made a number of videos of this model during its long test-flight development. Here is a short video demonstrating its basic performance – including the “deep stall” and a nice landing. 

The kit includes the foam parts needed to build this model, carbon fiber for reinforcement, and some special parts.  There are some accessories such as the pull-pull control system.  The wingtip tanks need to be hand-crafted (carved) from foam pieces. The model is not assembled or painted, so the customer needs to supply glue, paint, and other hobby tools, servos, EDF, and electronics in order to put it together. The modeler also needs to supply a micro aileron pushrod system.

“Tent Peg” is a pejorative nickname German air force pilots called this plane due to its high accident rate. We can’t call it by its American name due to copyright restrictions.

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