Foam and Posterboard Adhesive 1.75oz bottle

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Foam-Tac is a popular and famous foam-safe contact cement that is designed specifically for foam, manufactured by Beacon Adhesives in New York. But its fairly expensive…

“Foam and Posterboard” Adhesive is also manufactured by Beacon – and it is very similar to Foam-Tac in many ways but its much less expensive.  Its not as thick, because its been thinned a bit. Think of it as “Foam-Tac Lite”. Its less “gooey” and takes longer to dry compared to Foam-Tac, but its extremely effective on all kinds of foam. Its a great product for construction and a great addition to your toolbox.

It is waterproof, dries clear, and remains slightly flexible.  (Not as flexible as Foam-Tac) It can be used on balsa and carbon-fiber as well as foam and has many other uses as well.


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