ESCs (Electronic Speed Control) for brushless motors


ESC (pick type)

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The ESC controls the brushless motor using the R/C radio’s throttle function, and it also provides 5V power for the R/C receiver and servos. In most cases no programming is required.  The picture is a representative sample, the size and shape can vary.   We offer three different ESCs, as follows:

We recommend the 15-amp ESC for the 1700KV 24-gram brushless motor.   NOTE: I also have some 20-amp units that are the same physical size, I may substitute.

We recommend the 10-amp ESC for the 1300 KV 24-gm brushless motor, the 17gm brushless motor, and the 10-gm brushless motor.    (NOTE, I also have 12-amp units in the same size, I may substitute)

We recommend the 6-amp ESC only for the 5-gm and 10-gm brushless motors.

The ESCs can vary in physical size depending upon availability.  Some of them have bullet connectors already installed – if not, bullet connectors will be included in the package for the ESC and motor.  The power wires require a connector for the battery, not included. (These ESCs typically are used with a JST socket to connect the battery.)

Props and motors are available separately in our catalog.


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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 9 in

15-AMP, 10-AMP, 6-AMP