Carbon Fiber

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Solid Carbon-fiber strips are an easy way to add strength to your model – glue them into parts as a “beam” – they are thin and flexible from side to side but extremely rigid in the vertical direction.

We also have some square tubes (square on the outside).  The last measurement is the diameter of the inside hole.  Square tubes are very stiff.

All of these products are 1 meter in length (39.37 inches).  They may be cut with a high-speed “cut-off” wheel (the smaller rods can be scored with a knife and broken). You can use virtually any adhesive on them (Foam-Tac works great), for best results roughen the surface a bit with sandpaper.

Shipping is in a cardboard mailing tube – please note that its almost always more economical to order several pieces (mixed sizes and types) because ALL of them will fit into one mailing tube.

Our CF products are made in China.


Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 9 in

0.5 x 3mm STRIP, 0.5 x 5mm STRIP, 1.0 x 5mm STRIP, 6x6x5mm SQUARE TUBE, 4x4x3mm SQUARE TUBE