“Blue Monster” motor

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The 24gm 1700kv brushless motor (also called 2730) is more powerful than the famous “Blue Wonder” motor.  The 1300KV “Blue Wonder” is best for the 9×7 3-bladed prop – the 1700KV motor requires a smaller propeller.   We’ve used this “Blue Monster” motor on the “Combat Komet” and the ME-262. The recommended 2-blade propeller with a 3S system is a 6×5.5 APC. The maximum recommended current draw is around 15 amps.

This package includes the aluminum mount and bullet connectors.   A propsaver or prop adapter is required (not included).  The motor shaft diameter is 3.0mm.   For best results we strongly recommend using a removeable “threadlocker” compound on the tiny grub screws that hold the motor to the mount.

This picture shows a “Blue Monster” motor mounted on our ME262 with an APC propeller and O-ring “propsaver”.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 9 in

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