“Blue Monster” motor

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When I first saw a friend use this motor, he was flying a “mini Swift” flying wing (which weighs only 4.5oz without the battery and has a 21-inch wingspan).  He was flying it at about 1/4 throttle and I thought he was using a regular “Blue Wonder” – but when he gave it full throttle, the instant acceleration and speed made me gasp out loud and say “Oh My God”.  Out of sight in seconds!   So…. we call this motor the OMG.    Its significantly faster than our 1700kv “Blue Monster” brushless motor and draws more amps – and requires a smaller propeller.   The recommended 2-blade propeller with a 3S system is a 5×3.  I am using a 4.7×4.25 APC on my Swift, I had to get one for myself. (pictured)

Use this motor with lightweight models that can handle high speed.  I’m using a 15-amp ESC but this motor can draw up to 22 amps.  Its very easy to ruin a battery (or ESC) if you’re not careful!

The motor is supplied with the aluminum motor mount.   NOTE: the motor is all silver now.  You’ll need an ESC and a propsaver or prop adapter (not included, but available separately).   For best results we strongly recommend using a removeable “threadlocker” compound on the tiny grub screws that hold the motor to the mount. Safety is paramount!

Specs:  3000kv

Size: 27x30mm

Shaft size: 3mm

Weight: about 24gms (1oz)

Voltage – 2S or 3S battery

Power – 150 watts

Recommended prop – 5×3 or 4.7×4.25 high-speed APC


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 9 in

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