28.6 mm 3D-printed Spinner for Jeff Bosley’s A6M Zero


A6M ZERO Spinner


This Custom-designed 3D-printed 3-blade spinner was designed specifically for the 30″ wingspan A6M ZERO model airplane as offered by Manzano Lazer Works.

We wanted to offer a lightweight spinner that was the correct scale shape. Our spinner is 1.125″ in diameter and 1.44″ tall.  This is designed for a 3-bladed 8 x 4.5 propeller (standard rotation) with our 1700kv 24gm motor and a 2-cell battery. You will need a prop adapter with a shaft length of 10mm (minimum) and diameter of 5mm. The motor, propeller, and prop adapter are available separately from Rabid Models.  It can also be used with a 9×7 prop from Rabid Models.

The spinner+motor+prop+ESC package is available for your convenience!

Please see the notes below. To install the spinner, first secure the propeller and spinner backplate on the motor shaft using a prop adapter (or a nut), then the cone simply snaps on – no additional hardware is needed!

Here’s a picture of Jim Bosley’s model with the kit-supplied spinner – compare this spinner to the spinner in the drawing of the real A6M Zero below.



White PETG.    28.6 mm diameter, 36.5 mm tall 

Weight: about 7.5 gms 

The propeller and prop adapter are NOT included.  This product is for use ONLY with electric motors and propellers. The spinner backplate has a 5mm centering hole.

The plastic spinner parts are unfinished but can be sanded smooth and can be painted with any plastic-compatible paint.  Click here to see a video from Fun Scale Models that shows how to finish and install 3D-printed spinners.  Painting is recommended because all plastics will deteriorate over time if exposed to sunlight.  Glue is not needed!



Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 6 in


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