28″ Dh Mosquito Kit


The famous Mosquito was a very fast and highly versatile fighter-bomber used by the Royal Air Force in WWII, and was constructed from balsa and plywood.  Ours is made from foam!  Its easy to build and fun to fly.

The kit includes the foam parts needed to build this model, along with a fully detailed construction manual and some accessories such as the pull-pull control system.  The model is not assembled or painted, so the customer needs to supply glue, paint, and other hobby tools, servos, motors, and electronics in order to put it together. This model can be equipped with small brushed motors (GWS IPS style) with 3″ or 4″: props or brushless motors (5gm or 10gm type) with up to 5″ props  (spinners are not included with this kit, but are available separately)

As you can see in these pictures, even a very simple model can look great when decorated and painted by an accomplished modeler.



Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 24 in

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