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Foam-Tac is a type of foam-safe contact cement that is designed specifically for foam. Manufactured by Beacon Adhesives in New York.  It stays flexible after its dry, so it can be used to make hinges but it also works really well for general construction.  It can be used on balsa and carbon-fiber as well as foam, and has many other uses as well.

The large 2oz bottle is great for larger jobs. The 1oz tube has a fine tip.  The tube’s advantage is that since there is no air inside the tube (when you squeeze from the bottom up) the product stays fresh longer.  Foam-Tac is also available in  a 6-pack of  “mini” 5ml squeeze tubes. (see my other listings)

Regarding shelf life: Here’s a famous quote:

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If your Foam-Tac (greatest substance known to man) is going bad there’s only one conclusion…

You’re not using enough Foam-Tac because you’re not fixing enough planes because you’re not crashing enough because you’re not flying enough…so get to flying, crashing, fixing planes and using Foam-Tac!!  

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 9 in

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