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Beacon’s Hobby-Coat is a water-based clear finish that is very similar to Polyurethane.  Its completely safe on foam and its non-toxic – you can use it to seal decals or to seal a painted surface.  It is a semi-gloss product which means it has a slightly shiny finish when its dry.     The bottle is 8 fl. ounces.

On our line of Rabid Models planes, we encourage customers to print our decals on paper and apply them to the model.  Hobby-Coat can be used to seal the paper decal which will help it last much longer.

Hobby Coat has a thin milky consistency but dries clean. If you want, you can color it by adding some acrylic paint or our own line of FoamieDye colorant. Hobby-Coat can be thinned with water and can be cleaned up with water.


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