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This plastic 3D-printed spinner will fit the Rabid Models 28″ Mosquito, Uhu, and P61 and is designed specifically for the 5″ 3-bladed propellers that we sell. The spinner’s backplate is installed behind the propeller with a prop adapter, then the spinner cone snaps on – so no other hardware is needed.

The 3D product is not perfectly smooth due to the nature of the printing process, but it can be sanded smooth and it can also be painted. The backplate is designed with a center hole that must be enlarged to suit your application.

This item is sold in a set of TWO spinners  (2 cones and 2 backplates).

The propeller and prop adapter is NOT included but these are available separately.

We also sell larger spinners for the 9×7 3-bladed prop. This is the smaller one for the 5″ 3-bladed standard rotation prop.

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