3mm Prop Adapters for 24gm motor (PICK SIZE)


3.00 mm prop adapter for Blue Wonder


ALL of the aluminum prop adapters on this page fit a 3mm motor shaft, which our 24gm brushless motors have.    There are several sizes to pick from.  (the smallest size one is pictured.)   Each adapter comes with the hub and “acorn” hub to tighten it up. The bigger sizes have bigger acorns!

Suppliers make several different types so we offer a variety to pick from depending on your needs.   The listing shows the weight (in gm) first – then the prop shaft length and diameter.  Last is the overall length (with the parts screwed together, no prop). 

The smallest sizes are very light (2.7 to 3.5gm) – these have a relatively short shafts which are suitable only for propellers with THIN hubs.  There is one that has a longer 15mm shaft.

The medium size units are heavier (7 to 9gm), we call it “MOO” – these all have a 15mm-long shaft.  One has a 5mm prop shaft and one has a 6mm prop shaft.

The largest size weighs a porky 13gms, we call it “OINK” – these have 20mm-long shafts.

The longer prop shafts are needed to accommodate thicker propeller hubs or our 3D-printed spinners. We also have a 5mm nut and washer available which can replace the “acorn” nut and provide extra room under the spinner cone if needed.

Most of these adapters have a 5mm propeller shaft (for the hole in your prop) but some have a 6mm shaft.  If your prop’s hole is too small for the adapter, you can carefully enlarge it with a reamer or a drill bit at LOW speed.


Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 9 in
Choose type

Small 4.5gm – SHAFT 10x5mm (23mm length), Small 3.6gm – SHAFT 10x5mm (25mm length), Short Small 2.7gm – SHAFT 8x5mm (25mm length), MOO 7.0gm – SHAFT 15x6mm shaft (34.5mm length), MOO 9.0gm SHAFT 15x5mm (34.5mm length), OINK 10.5gm – SHAFT 20x5mm (38mm length), Optional Nut and Washer for 5mm shaft (replaces Acorn), Longer Small 3.6gm – SHAFT 15x5mm (25mm length), OINK 13gm – SHAFT 20x6mm (43mm length)