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42″ Constellation Kit

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Our 43″ model of the L-1049 Constellation looks spectacular, thanks to Howard Hughes’ design.  Many aviation enthusiasts say that the long-wing version of the Constellation was the most beautiful airliner every produced, with few arguments. Our model is specifically designed to use four of our 10gm brushless motors with scale-size 5″ 3-bladed props. We recommend adding flaps and working rudders. The model flies best with a small 3-cell battery – shorter flights but less weight.  The model is stable and very responsive to the controls.  We recommend it for indoor R/C flying, or outdoors in calm conditions.

You will need four 10-gram motors and ESCs – we offer a package for this model (you will need TWO twin motor packages).  You will also need at least three micro servos  (four if you add flaps).  Since there are 4 motors and ESCs to install, and with flaps and 3 split rudders, this model is considerably more complicated to build and fly. Its also more expensive – we recommend it for customers who have already built several other RM airplanes. 

The kit includes the foam parts necessary to construct the model and some accessories such as carbon fiber spars, paper decals you can print, and the Rabid Models pull-pull control system.  NOTE: our usual fully detailed manual is NOT available yet – we recommend this model for customers who have already built some of our other kits.   The model is not assembled or painted, so the customer needs to supply glue, paint, and other hobby tools, servos, motors, battery and electronics in order to put it together.   The special airline decoration was hand painted and used some home-made paper decals (the files for these markings are included in the kit materials).

This is a laser cut kit – availability may be limited, please contact us before ordering. We suggest that this kit is not appropriate for first-time builders or pilots.  Important: It needs to be kept as light as possible! We obtained best results with a relatively small 800mah 3-cell battery and 5×4.3 props.

We have two videos demonstrating this model in flight.

This video shows the second flight (with a 3-cell battery and 5×3 props) at a crowded indoor venue and features some great close-up shots.

This video shows the model flying outside at our secret Ohio test facility.  We’re using 5×4.3 props.

Note: the prototype used custom-made plastic cowls made from soda bottles, these might be available if you can talk Marc into making a set for you (they are difficult and quite time consuming to make, and add significant weight to the model). 

Here’s a picture of Steve’s prototype in 2006. Look at those curves – the most beautiful plane ever made!

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