49″ B36 “Peacemaker” Profile Model Kit


49″ B-36 Kit

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This unique model of the famous “Peacemaker” Cold-war era intercontinental bomber is powered by six “IPS” brushed motors with 4″ propellers, and uses a single brushed 10-amp ESC with a 2-cell battery.  This is a hand-cut model, not laser-cut, and is produced to order. The brushed motors and ESC are no longer readily available but other power options are possible. The hardest thing on this model is fabricating the wiring harness that’s required for the six motors. We still have some brushed motors left so contact us regarding availability.

The kit includes the foam parts needed to build this model, along with carbon-fiber spars and a fully detailed construction manual – and some accessories such as the pull-pull control system.  The model is not assembled, so the customer needs to supply glue, paint, and other hobby tools, servos, motors, and electronics in order to put it together. This plane needs a working rudder. Instead of an additional servo, the rudder is simply hooked up to the aileron servo.

The prototype had a custom-made landing gear added to it – this is not included with the kit but instructions are included to show you how to do it.   The “jet pods” are optional (they provide some protection during landing)

Here is a video showing the prototype flying in an indoor venue. it is extremely stable and easy to fly but will NOT fly with the motors shut off – too much drag.


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