8oz Regular CA


HYPERBOND CA is a high performance “surface insensitive” CA which can be used with many kinds of materials. Available in FOUR viscosities – “Thin” will soak into porous materials and cracks.  “Medium” is a great all-purpose CA.  The Thicker and Extra-Thick types take longer to cure and can fill larger gaps.

All CA works best when pressed into a film between tight-fitting items.  Thicker CA works better when there is a gap, or when items are rough or porous.

The large 8oz bottle is a high-quality clear PET type and has a “Yorker-cap” which is best for filling smaller bottles. For best shelf-life, store in a refrigerator with a desiccant packet.

“Regular CA” is NOT FOAM-SAFE!  See my other listings for Foam-Safe CA

CA activator is available separately.

“CA” is short for Cyanoacrylate, and is also called “Super Glue”. Available in several sizes and viscosities. HYPERBOND is a brand name sold by Rabid Models.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in
8 oz size (Pin Cap)

Thin, Medium, Thick, Extra-Thick

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