10gm brushless motor


The 10gm 2000kv brushless motor (also called 1811) is an excellent little motor that can handle a variety of props and can be used with 1S, 2S, or 3S Lipo batteries.  Typical propeller when used with a 3S battery is a 2-blade 6×3, and on our smaller twin-engine models we use a 5×3 or 5×4 3-bladed propeller (that propeller is close to the correct scale size).  For the Rabid Models “Mini-Komet” ME163 we use a 4×4 propeller for the best performance.

In this package the aluminum mount and 2mm bullet connectors are included with the motor.   A propsaver or prop adapter is required (not included).  The shaft diameter is 2.0mm.   For best results we strongly recommend using a removeable “threadlocker” compound on the tiny grub screws that hold the motor to the mount.

As with all brushless motors, a brushless ESC is required (available separately).  Current draw is around 5-6 amps.  The direction of rotation can be reversed by switching any 2 of the 3 motor leads. We do have reverse-rotation 5×3 3-bladed propellers available.

We also offer custom-designed 3D-printed spinners to fit this motor and our 3-bladed props. (the picture shows our P38 spinners with regular and CR propellers.  The spinners and propellers are NOT included with the motor)


Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 9 in

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