FoamieDye Colorant collection C (10 bottles)


Colorant collection C

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FoamieDyeFast-Drying Colorant – developed and tested in concert with Black Mountain Research, LLC. of Cave Creek AZ.   
Made in the USA!     Each bottle contains 0.5 oz (about 14ml).
“Collection C” has 10 bottles, each containing 0.5oz of Colorant:  Cub Yellow, Fire Red, Green, Magenta, Blue, Black, Gray, Metallic Gray (Steel), Navy Blue, and Clear Solvent.

THE SOLVENT can be used to clean brushes and its foam-safe – and you can use it to easily remove dried colorant from foam, almost like magic!

Bright and vibrant colors – alcohol-based dye dries extremely quickly

Foam and plastic safe – no odor

Apply with airbrush, cotton swab or brush. FoamieDye™ colorant will not add any weight to your model!

Unlike paint, FoamieDye colorant will not run, pool, or sag, or leave brush marks!

FoamieDye™ is much thinner than paint – will not form air bubbles and adheres well to foam and other materials due to low viscosity, density, and surface tension.

FoamieDye™ works on white foam, but may be used on other materials such as plastic, plastic film, 3-D printed objects, silk & tissue, paper, cardstock, stone, and metal.

NOTES:  Alcohol-based staining dye – NOT a paint!  Best when applied on white foam or plastic. Will not cover other colors. When two colors are merged, they will mix together. FoamieDye will stain almost anything including skin, so its recommended to wear disposable gloves when using. The alcohol solvent does NOT contain any methyl (wood) alcohol.

Example swatches applied on Depron Foam with a Q-tip:


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