HD STEEL motor mount for 24-gm motor


HD Steel motor mount

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This heavy-duty steel motor mount can be used to install our 24gm brushless motors.  It can be especially handy if you need to add nose weight, for example if you have a WWI-style biplane fighter.  Generally we do NOT recommend this for Rabid Models planes due to the extra weight.

This part is larger (in diameter) and significantly heavier than the standard aluminum mount.  It weighs 27.5gms (about 1 oz) and is 32mm in diameter (about 1.25 inches).  The backplate is 3mm thick.  The hole in the center is 8mm which is the right size to mount our 24gm motors.  It has TWO grub screws and comes with the allen key.

This mount could also be used to mount 8mm wing spar tubes in a large model, or it could be used as a motor shaft guide.




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Weight .20 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 9 in


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