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2012-08-05 Steve's Pictures from Thunder Over Michigan, 2012.


2011-07-24 Steve's photos from Thunder Over Michgan are now posted.


2011-04-20 The B29 Maiden flight was a success! Pilot error resulted in a broken nosewheel, but the model looks and flies great! A video link is available on the large model page (click "Details" below)


2011-04-19 The 8ft B29 is ready for its maiden flight, in classic RabidModels pink and blue livery. We will be flying tonight (April 19th) at the GaReat Sports Complex around 8:00pm


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Marc and Steve often fly indoors during the wintertime at a few different local venues, including the Spire Institute in Geneva OH, and the Stiles Athletics Field House at the University of Akron. We have videos of our models on YouTube, just search for "Rabid Models". During the summer we fly outdoors at our secret Ohio test facility, Area 52, otherwise known as "Tacic's Field".

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UPDATE: We are SOLD OUT of the IPS brushed motors for our 28" kits.

Working hard to find a replacement. Please email us for updates.

Kit : 68" PBY-5A Catalina

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With a few exceptions, our kits are profile scale models of twin-engined WW-II warbirds. Our airplanes don't have flat wings like most foamies, but have formed airfoils so they look really good and fly very well. The outlines are true to scale, and the models are instantly recognizable in the air by anyone familiar with the full-size aircraft.

Our kits are lightweight laser-cut foam and are relatively easy to assemble. That said, some skilled customers have produced some really excellent models - see the gallery Our product line leans towards the famous and unusual. We have more on the way! Any R/C pilot who is a warbird fan will really enjoy building and flying our models! Why be ordinary?

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