3D-printed wheel parts for the Fun Scale Models P-40, Macchi Folgore, and P-63


P40/Macchi/P63 wheel parts


In addition to the fantastic scale spinners we offer, we’re proud to also offer lightweight 3D-printed scale wheels for Derek Micko’s Fun Scale Models P-40, Macchi Folgore 202, and the P-63!  
These three airplanes all use the same size 1.75″ main wheels.  We have THREE different kinds of treaded black rubber tires and FOUR different wheel hubs that you can choose in any combination to customize your model!  Please see the pictures and drawings below.

TIRES – select from THREE different tread designs: Grooved-tread, Diamond-tread, Smooth (no tread) – P-40 types had all three kinds of tires. The P-63 had diamond-tread tires and a small smooth nose-wheel. The Macchi Folgore used groove-tread or smooth-tread wheels. You can see these different types in the pictures below!

WHEEL HUBS – choose from FOUR different designs:  “Mag” style, Spoked with nuts, Spoked with ridges, & Flat (P63 nose wheel only uses the flat hub).  Mix and match as you prefer – some airplanes had flat hubs on the inside and spokes on the outside.  Please choose which type you want! (send a note with your order)

Grooved Tread and Diamond Tread tires:


Mag Wheel, Spoked Wheel with nuts, Flat hub:

<—    Mag, Spoked, Flat (in order)

Here is the NEW “dished” spoked hub with ridges (painted):

Derek produced this video (CLICK HERE) showing how he constructs the landing gear for his P-40 using our 3D-printed wheels and strut covers!  The same technique is used on all of three models.


SCALE TIRES: black flexible TPU with optional tread detail. Main wheel is 1.75″ diameter, 1/2″ wide.  One complete main wheel & hub set weighs about 10gm (varies depending on your choice of hubs). The P-63 nose wheel is 1.25″ in diameter and about 1/4″ wide and one complete nose wheel & hub weighs 3.5gm.

WHEEL HUBS: white PETG.  Main wheel hub is 1.15″ in diameter and the P-63 nose wheel hub is 0.8″.    Two hub halves make one wheel hub set – glue each hub part onto the tire and carefully enlarge the holes for the axle. THE HUBS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE SEPARATELY!   The hubs are supplied unpainted.  

In addition to the scale tires and wheels pictured here, Rabid Models also offers decorative “strut covers” for these planes, please see our catalog!  PLUS we have a custom-designed 3D-printed 3-blade SPINNER for the Fun Scale Models P-40 (click here), a 3D-printed 3-blade SPINNER for the Fun Scale Models Macchi Folgore (click here), and a 4-blade spinner for the P-63 (click here) as well as a brushless motor and propeller packages for all three models.  (Unfortunately we don’t offer the 4-blade propeller for the P-63.)  Below is Derek’s P40 with the Rabid Models 3D-printed spinner, mag wheels, tires, and strut covers!

Derek added some finishing details on the struts. 3D-printed parts are unpainted but require minimal preparation – they can be painted with any plastic-compatible paint.  Painting is recommended because all plastics will deteriorate over time if exposed to sunlight.  The wheel hubs can be glued onto the tire with CA or Foam-Tac cement.  The two hub halves have starter holes for the axle – carefully drill out the holes to match the axle wire size you are using.

CLICK HERE to download the general instructions for 3D-printed wheels and hubs

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 6 in
Choose Item

TWO P40/Macchi/P63 GROOVE TREAD MAIN TIRES & HUBS (your choice of hubs), TWO P40/Macchi/P63 SMOOTH TREAD MAIN TIRES & HUBS (your choice of hubs), TWO P40/Macchi/P63 DIAMOND TREAD MAIN TIRES & HUBS (your choice of hubs), ONE P63 Nose-wheel TIRE & FLAT HUB SET, Main Wheel Mag Hub set (P40/P63), Main Wheel Spoked Hub set with Nuts (P40/P63), Main Wheel Spoked Hub set with Ridges (P40/P63), Main Wheel FLAT HUB Set (P40/Macchi/P63), ONE SINGLE P40-P63 main tire and hub set (your choice of tread and hubs)


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