8oz CA Activator / Kicker / Accelerator REFILL – FOAM SAFE HEPTANE




Big 8oz bottle!

Using activator with CA is a convenience (you use it to set the glue almost instantly) but its very important to use it when working with Foam, since CA will often fail to cure without it.  CA needs hydrogen ions (present in moisture in the air or on surfaces) and Foam is a synthetic product that doesn’t contain moisture.  That is the reason why Foam-Safe CA takes much longer to cure on foam than it does with other items like balsa.

This activator is 100% foam-safe and works with all kinds of CA.  The main component is Heptane which is a mild solvent, and can be used to clean surfaces before applying CA.

This product is also sold in smaller 2oz sprayer, available separately.  Heptane is highly volatile and will evaporate from the spray bottle over time. Keep capped in storage and keep the activator away from your CA products.



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Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 8 in


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