STEEL Pushrod Set for the KOMET


metal pushrod set (two) with clevis ends


The Rabid Models Combat Komet and Mini-Komet require pushrods, and one option is the DuBro brand micro pushrod set which is available from other retailers, but we have this solution that you can consider.  This is a steel pushrod set with a clevis at each end.

This item is a PAIR of pushrods.  There are TWO sizes to pick from, as pictured here.  The 75mm set is for the Rabid Models “Combat Komet” and the 55mm set is for the “Micro Komet.”  (note – the “Regular Komet” is designed for our pull-pull system)

“Best Practice” is to secure the nuts with a drop of glue and the clevis with a small piece of fuel tubing, to prevent them from inadvertently coming apart.




Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 9 in
Pick the Size

55mm set, 75mm set


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