Yogurt-cup COWL for Rabid Models 28″ Tigercat and 20″ Bearcat




Did we make these?  NO!  We ate the yogurt.    We are tired of yogurt.

Well, you could certainly just eat some yogurt and get your own cowls yourself, but some customers have asked us for this because they hate yogurt.  We have plenty available, so if you’d like to order a couple of extra ones now you can!

This is simply an UNPAINTED and washed plastic yogurt cup, a type that has a rounded-off front edge.  It has not been cut (you’ll need to trim it to remove the brim and create a hole in the bottom).  This particular Yogurt cup happens to be “just right” for our smaller models but depending on the installation you might need to trim the foam a bit so that it can fit properly.  You’ll also need to paint it (unless you want to show off your yogurt….).

We suggest adding this to something else you’re ordering.  Remember you’ll need two of these unless you have one of our rare single-engine models.

Note: we now have 3D-printed cowls for the Tigercat and Bearcat.


Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 6 in


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