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“mini” Komet kit


This is a smaller version of our popular 32″ Komet. Its really small.   And cute!

Its very fast, and gets difficult to see even faster. Recommended for advanced pilots, or any kid who has good reflexes which sadly seem to go away when we get older!   That being said, its really an excellent flyer – a testament to its design heritage.

The kit includes the seven foam parts needed to build this model, along with a fully detailed construction manual with printable paper decals. Due to the size of this model, we recommend using Dubro-brand micro pushrods (not inccluded).  The model is not assembled or painted, so the customer needs to supply glue, paint, and other hobby tools, servos, motors, and electronics in order to put it together and make it ready to fly. This model is designed for a single 2000kV 10gm brushless motor and 2-bladed 4″ propeller (not included but available separately) with a 3-cell 350-500mah battery.  It can certainly be flown with a 2-cell pack, but is not as fast!

This is a hand-cut kit (not laser-cut) and availability may be limited (its popular).

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 8 × 22 in

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