25gm Clear UV Bonding Resin & light set


25gm Resin & UV light

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UV Resin is a specialty adhesive, the same thing that’s used to fix cracks in car windshields.  It cures when exposed to UV light – so it “cures on command” and stays crystal clear.

This set includes one 25gm bottle (just under 1oz) and a UV Penlight.  (MADE IN CHINA)

Requires one AAA battery, not included.  The glue bottle has a pin-cap design.

This product is not appropriate for every use, please understand carefully.  In order to cure, the resin must be exposed to UV light so you can’t use it to attach two opaque items together. But it will work to bond UV-transparent items, such as plastics – and 3D-printed plastics. And it can also be used as a clear coating.  The resin is a fairly thick clear liquid, like syrup.  Use at room-temp.  For best results wait a few seconds after application for any bubbles to dissipate before curing, then apply the light to both sides.

When used as a coating, it can provide a clear and smooth protective finish to items and can be used to smooth over rough surfaces before painting.  UV Resin is very popular for coating fingernails!   The UV penlight will cure the resin in seconds (longer for thicker applications).  You can also expose the parts to sunlight.

Some PROs – its very easy to use, no mixing. Cures quickly on command with the UV pen or in sunlight.  For craft work, you can add pigment, glitter, mica powder, gold flakes, etc.  Can be used to coat fingernails. Can be used on plastics.

Some CONs – only works on items UV light can penetrate. Cannot be used for castings. To avoid sticky edges, apply the resin in thin layers. NOT approved for eating or drinking utensils. Its more expensive than Epoxy resin and is not as strong as epoxy resin.  Remove cured UV resin by heating (heat gun) or use Acetone (nail polish remover).  Must protect from sunlight after curing (needs to be painted).


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