Disposable fine-point glue tips for CA (1oz pkg)




These disposable tips are literally the first product that we started with, even before we started designing the models.  These tips were originally used with standard “conical nozzle” glue bottles, but will also work with the new “Pin-Cap” bottles. Note: the base of the disposable tip needs to be shortened so that it will fit pin-cap bottles properly.

Glue tips provide a very handy extension (so you can apply the CA glue into tight spaces) and provides the control you need so you can apply a tiny drop of glue, instead of having the CA spill out from the bottle.  This is especially good with thin CA, but the tips can be used on medium CA as well.  The tip can be left on the bottle, but if you’re not using the glue for a while then discard the disposable tip and replace the bottle cap for best shelf life.

Sold in a 1oz bag which contains approximately 70-75 pcs. We recommend purchasing the tips as an “add on” whenever you purchase CA glue, instead of paying postage for the tips by themselves.

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 9 in


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