Centerline Marker/Hinge Slot Tool FOR BALSA (Set C+D)


Centerline Marker AB

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This handy 3D-printed tool is specifically made for installing CA hinges in small balsa models – the tool helps mark a centerline in preparation for sanding bevels, and guides the knife blade to make perfectly centered CA hinge slots every time!    

Available in 4 sizes.     TWO pieces (C + D) are in this sale.

  • Part A is for 3/32″ balsa with an 8mm blade slot
  • Part B is for 1/8″ balsa with an 8mm blade slot
  • Part C is for larger 3/16″ balsa with a 13mm blade slot
  • Part D is for larger 1/4″ balsa with a 13mm blade slot

This sale is for TWO tools in TWO sizes.  If you would prefer to have two tools of the SAME size, or a different combination (like A + D for example) or if you’d like a custom size with a different thickness or one with a tapered slot, just email us when you place your order at:

Here’s a 15-minute video showing how this tool is used along with our new Edge Shapers!

Material: 3D-printed PETG Plastic 

Size: 50x25x15mm  (approx. 2x1x1/2 inch)

Weight: 10-12 grams ea, depending on the size

NOTE: we also have a set of four handy 3D-printed Edge Sander tools to create the bevel easily and quickly.  All of these products were originally designed by Rabid Models and Fun Scale Models, Made in the USA, Copyright © 2024.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 9 in


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