Edge Sander Tool Set – 4 sizes – for shaping BALSA LE & TE


Edge Sanders – Set of Four Pcs

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These small & handy 3D-printed tools are specifically designed for putting a perfect 2-sided BEVEL on the hinge edges of your balsa aileron and elevator surfaces, and for rounding-off balsa leading edges as well.   These are meant for smaller-size balsa, such as 3/32, 1/8, 3/16 thicknesses. The Edge Sanders can also work on foam!

They fit in your hand like a toothbrush!

Available in 4 different types.     ALL FOUR are included in this set!

  • The set includes one with a 90-degree opening (for making 45-degree bevels), one with a 60-degree opening (for making 30-degree bevels), a small round sander (1cm-3/8″ radius) and a larger round sander (5mm-3/16″ radius).All four have flat sides as well.

The tools come with 150-grit sandpaper attached.  The customer can remove the paper if needed by applying foam-safe CA activator to dissolve the glue. New sandpaper can be attached using a spray contact cement such as 3M brand “77”.

This picture shows the 60-degree tool.  These tools are small (about 4 inches long) including the handle – intended for small jobs and precision work. The sandpaper wraps around the sides providing additional flat sanding surfaces for other uses.

Here is a 16-minute video which demonstrates how these tools are used in detail!

This video shows our new Centerline Marker/Hinge slotter in conjunction with the sanders!

Material: 3D-printed PETG Plastic with 150-grit sandpaper

Size: 120x60x10mm (about 4.5 inches long x 1/2″ wide and 1/2″ tall

Weight: 5-7 grams ea (varies by type)

NOTE: we also have a Centerline Marker/Hinge Slot Tool, available in 4 sizes!  All of these products were originally designed by Rabid Models and Fun Scale Models, Made in the USA, Copyright © 2024.

We plan to make larger versions eventually and we can also make double-ended versions. Contact us if you’re interested!

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