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If you use Foam-Tac, you probably know that it used to come in a 2oz bottle which had a tendency to dry out – so Beacon is now producing a 2oz squeeze tube – but the tube has no nozzle!  This is fine if you are dispensing large amounts but makes life difficult if you’re trying to do fine modeling work. Its messy and aggravating.

Rabid Models has created 3D-printed nozzles specifically for this problem. The nozzles come in different sizes, with caps.   Two sizes are shown here – the 1″ version on the left has a 3.5mm opening which is meant for heavier volume, and the 1.25″ one on the right (black cap) has a 2.5mm opening which is for finer work.

Now you can enjoy using your 2oz tube of Foam-Tac!


Since this is a small item, we suggest that you combine your purchase with other items in your shopping cart.   For example, you could also order the 2oz tube of Foam Tac!

Foam-Tac is available from Rabid Models.  In addition to the big 2oz tube, its also available in a 1oz tube and a 6-pack of “mini” 5ml tubes – which come with nozzles.

ATTRIBUTION: This work is based on “Permatex Gasket Maker tube Replacement Nozzles” created by Crafter @Crafter_1320830

Regarding shelf life: Here’s a famous quote originally posted by TiredIronGRB View Post

If your Foam-Tac (greatest substance known to man) is going bad there’s only one conclusion…

You’re not using enough Foam-Tac because you’re not fixing enough planes because you’re not crashing enough because you’re not flying enough…so get to flying, crashing, fixing planes and using Foam-Tac!!  

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