“High Speed” O-ring Propsaver for 24gm motor


high-speed prop adapter

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This O-ring propsaver propeller mount is made from black phenolic plastic and comes with HD O-rings, appropriate for high-speed motors such as our 3000KV “OMG” motor and 2-bladed APC 4″ to 6″ props. 

ONE adapted with THREE heavy-duty O-rings.   Weight (adapter only): 3 gms.   (Our lightweight propsaver is only 1.7gms)

Fits a 3mm motor shaft – for our 24gm motors.  Use this to secures the prop to your motor and it will help prevent your prop from breaking if it contacts the ground.  Propsavers cannot be used with our spinners, the spinners require prop adapters.

We do have O-rings available separately.  O-rings must be changed out on a regular basis as they quickly degrade outside.  We also offer a natural-rubber black band that lasts far longer than the standard O-ring Available separately HERE, in a 4-pack.


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Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 9 in