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Oily Glue

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This sale for one 30ml bottle of “OILY GLUE” – the new glue from China that has been trending on the internet.   This glue is a medium-viscosity reinforced CA which is basically the same as Hyperbond HP500, but it comes in a brand-new kind of bottle which prevents clogs and lengthens storage life.  The nozzle screws down to completely seal the container.  Please see the pictures!

This adhesive resists cracking and is waterproof when cured.  It’s highly versatile and works really well on rubber and many plastics (including 3D-printed plastics) as well as wood (balsa, etc.), leather, ceramics, glass, and metal.  It is NOT foam-safe.  For best results, clean hard surfaces with alcohol first.  You may also clean the surfaces with CA Activator, which will also help the glue set faster and form a superior bond.

Works very quickly on most items – takes a little longer to dry on ceramics, glass, and metal. Allow the glue to cure for 24 hours before putting items into use, even if it appears to be dry.

The bottle contains 30ml of product (about 1 oz).   

The bottle is half-empty by design (the larger bottle is easier to hold)

Made in China.  THIS GLUE IS NOT for children, for adults only. Do not apply to eyes or skin, do not eat. CA is not toxic.


Question: why is it called “oily glue” – does it contain oil?

Answer: its a term that’s garbled in translation from Chinese. This is a rubber-toughened CA glue and it contains added rubber compounds (which are hydrocarbons). The rubber compounds help the CA to resist cracking and provides greater temperature resistance compared to regular CA.




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