Rabid Models Hinge Slot Tool FOR FOAM (2 pcs)


Centerline Marker for FOAM

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This handy 3D-printed tool is specifically made for installing CA hinges in the Bluecore foam that’s used in Rabid Models aircraft kits.  The tool can mark the center of the hingeline, and guides a hobby knife to cut the hinge slot centered in the edge of the foam.

Rabid Models also sells the CA hinge material as well, CLICK HERE!

CLICK HERE to see a quick video demonstrating how the tool works!

Bluecore foam is not perfectly consistent in width, it can vary from 5.5 to 6.0mm.  This sale includes TWO tools (5.4mm and 5.9mm) so that you may use the one that fits best for the foam.  It can also be used for 6mm Depron or other foams.

Both size tools are included in this sale.

Material: 3D-printed PETG Plastic (color may vary)

Size: 50x25x15mm  (approx. 2x1x1/2 inch)

Weight: 12 gram ea  (about 1/2 oz)


NOTE: we also have a set of four handy 3D-printed Edge Sander tools to create the bevel easily and quickly, especially with balsa wood.  All of these products were originally designed by Rabid Models and Fun Scale Models, Made in the USA, Copyright © 2024.


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