2oz RESINCRETE plastic and wood FILLER – mix with water


2oz ResinCrete filler


ResinCrete is a natural mineral-based powder that mixes with water – it was developed for crafters who make molded products using liquid epoxy and polyurethane resins.  Unlike epoxy, ResinCrete does not contain any epoxy resins and activates quickly with water, so it’s a safe and easy-to-use “environmentally friendly” alternative for casting. No gloves! ResinCrete is similar to plaster and contains acrylic polymers.

Rabid Models offers this product because it can be used as a sandable filler material. Its compatible with hard surfaces such as 3D-printed plastics and wood.  Its not recommended for flexible items (we offer a flexible filler called “FoamFiller”.) It mixes easily with water, cures quickly, and can be easily sanded to a velvety smooth finish.

Rabid Models made a 16-minute video showing how the product works.

Instructions:  ResinCrete is mixed with water at a ratio of 100 (powder) to 30 (water) by weight.  Use a digital scale. Mix for 60-90 seconds and then apply or pour immediately.  ResinCrete has a relatively short working time of 6 to 10 minutes and fully cures in only 20-30 minutes.  (Full strength in 24 hours).  When the product is cured it can be sanded to a very fine finish. Do not exceed the maximum ratio (35gm of water to 100gms of powder) because it will cause the product to be flaky.  Using less water will result in less working time.

Adding pigment:  acrylic pigment, alcohol-based color, or mica powder may be added (maximum of 2% of the total weight).  If adding liquid acrylic paint, you may need to add a small amount of additional water to the mix.  Note: Rabid Models offers an alcohol-based liquid dye called “FoamieDye” in a number of colors.  Do not use resin-based dyes.

The finished product must be sealed with paint, polyurethane, varnish, etc. in order to protect it from moisture.  Its compatible with CA adhesive.

This product is manufactured in China by JDiction.  According to the manufacturer, Resincrete is a natural mineral product which is:  BPA free and food-safe (do not eat), contains no solvents and no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), has no odor, no bubbles, is resistant to impact and yellowing, is self-leveling, and is non-flammable. Storage: keep in a sealed bag, keep cool and dry (5-25C and low humidity). Do not freeze. Use within 3 years.


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