3D-printed Antenna Set for the Rabid Models J1N1 Gekko


Gekko Antenna set (4pcs) and CF


The J1N1 “Gekko” (Irvine) twin-engine fighter had a primitive radar and a distinctive antenna array mounted on the nose.  This detail is a little trick to model (the first one we made kept breaking) so we designed a 3D-printed antenna mast.  Each mast has 5 tiny holes to insert short lengths of small CF rod.

This sale includes FOUR masts and some CF rod material (which you can cut into small lengths).  Glue the parts and then paint them.  When your antenna masts are assembled. you simply insert them into the foam on the nose of the plane as you see here!

By the way – we also sell a set of two 3D-printed spinners (2 cones and 2 backplates) specifically for this model (CLICK HERE). You will need two 9×7 propellers and two prop adapters, these are NOT included but are available separately from Rabid Models.

HERE is the link to the Rabid Models J1N1 Gekko KIT and HERE is a video of the model flying outside.


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 6 in


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