PBY Catalina


This parts in this kit are only for the 68″ Rabid Models PBY.

The kit includes full instructions and a custom-made ABS plastic hull which fits onto the bottom half of the model – it can be installed during the construction of the model or afterwards (the wing struts need to be relocated).  The kit also includes foam pieces for fuselage formers, and foam parts to construct two wingtip floats. (sanding and crafting is necessary)

The wingtip floats can be mounted in a way so that they can be removed. They can also be made to retract, but that is up to the skill and ambition of the modeler.

For water operations a working rudder is required.  A “water rudder” is not required. The plane can be steered on the water at low speed using the ailerons to dip a wingtip float in the water, which will cause the model to pivot.

For best results the inside of the hull should be painted with a compatible paint (the type used for model RC cars or helicopters)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 8 × 20 in

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